For me it was important to understand and clarify not only how dogs have evolved from wolves, how they communicate and their behaviours, but how far removed our dogs are from wolves. Dogs are Dogs not wolves!

This led me to Yellowstone’s National Park and Wolf Park. 

Wolf Park

Studying Ethology of Wolves  2011

Wolf Park - Institute of Ethology 

 Battleground Indiana

Karen with Pat Goodmann MS  - Senior Wolf Handler      


Pat joined Wolf Park in 1974,  she is Head of wolf research. Known as the resident "Wolf Goddess".   Her experience with wolves and extensive research has escalated wolf education to a new level. Pat is well published.  


 Yellowstones National Park

Studying the Wolves of Yellowstones in their natural environment with         Wolf experts Dr Nathan Varley  PhD & Linda Thurston MS

Privileged to watch The Druid Peak Pack  13 wolves - surround a group of Bison

Silver Pack (5 wolves) resting


Wolf Tracking with Dr James HalfPenny PHD

 Head of The Yellowstones National Parks Wolf Project

Dr Douglas Smith PhD

Karen Webb 

Covering the North East of England

Cleveland (Teesside), Durham, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear