Rescue Dogs

Do you have a rescue dog or are thinking of adopting a dog?

Rescue dogs need time, structure and patience.... and to find their place in the family. They need to be shown and understand how to control their own behaviour to become a happy family member.

If you are thinking of taking your first step towards adopting a dog... consider preparing for the arrival of your new dog by learning how to understand and communicate with each other from the begining. 

Are you already living with your new friend and maybe feeling that things are not quite as you expected them to be. Your dog is displaying behaviour or asking questions you do not understand?

 It is NEVER too late to learn to understand your dog..

So many dogs are returned to rescue centre's because they are misunderstood.


Holly had to leave her home aged 8mths as she was jumping up at the children, mouthing everyone and stealing.   She was confused and did not understand how to control her own behaviour and she was misunderstood. 

Holly is now a happy relaxed girl living life to the full. 


Please don't let your dog become a "YoYo dog"! 


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